4 Physical Activities That Help Women Maintain Their Ideal Weight

Exercise is one of the determining factors for the success of a diet program. To reach a woman’s ideal weight, you need to determine the type of physical activity that fits your schedule and personality. What type of physical activity can be chosen to help a woman maintain her ideal weight?



Cycling can be a sport that is easy to do and can maintain a woman’s ideal weight. Cycling is also a good cardio exercise and can reduce appetite. In addition, this activity is a good activity for the foot joints.


Maintaining a woman’s ideal body weight is not an easy thing. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like sweaty body conditions, swimming can be a good physical activity choice. For freestyle, a butterfly or breaststroke can burn 350 calories in 30 minutes. By the way, if you do a more comfortable swimming movement, the calories you can burn are 200-250 calories.


Yoga, breathing, mind, etc. for spiritual and physical health. It is a physical exercise with This exercise can be done at home. In addition to helping maintain a healthy body and mind, this sport can strengthen muscles, increase body flexibility, and make ideal body weight and body shape more beautiful. On average, yoga exercises done in one hour can burn 175-298 calories.


In addition to maintaining weight, such exercises are widely used to reduce waist circumference, tighten the body and lose fat. A dance-like exercise, Zumba can burn 600 to 1000 calories in one workout.

So, which physical activity do you choose? In fact, the main key to maintaining a woman’s ideal weight is the process, as it is not instantaneous. Weight maintenance or weight loss programs also need to be supported by a variety of things to be successful, such as changing diets to be healthier.